Teambuilding/Outdoor Training

    Colmar Tropicale has hosted many interesting and valuable team building programmes and activities with the state-of-the-art outdoor facilities for eco-training and excellent team-building exercise to build teamwork and character.

    Team Building

    These activities are particularly relevant to issues of teamwork, leadership and communication. It’s fun, timed interactive team building program and requires the ability to multi-task.

    Participants work in teams of 8-12 to tackle a series of mental and physical challenges. work to a deadline, and simultaneously compete and collaborate

    Wilderness Orienteering

    Wilderness Orienteering allows groups to experience map reading, compass reading and distance pacing to successfully navigate an orienteering course and find the checkpoints, enabling groups to experience the profound shift from working independently or as individuals to working interdependently or as a collective force to achieve a common goal.