A day of fun-filled exploration for the traveler and guests of Colmar Tropicale. Imagine riding the marvelous breed of Palomino horses to having a tea ceremony in the tranquil hills of the Japanese gardens, to learning about a new flower in the Botanical Gardens, Colmar Tropicale has an array of amazing recreational activities in store for her guests and patrons!

    Rock Climbing

    This is a sport which demands physical strength, endurance and stamina. Rock climbing is also challenging, exciting and one which gives the participant an adrenaline rush. Participants can either partake in speed climbing or just leisure climbing.

    Equipped with safety harness, safety straps and helmet

    Organic Farm

    Organic farming is the form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control to maintain soil productivity and control pests on a farm. Colmar Tropicale has been committed to good environmental practise since its beginning, such as organic garden practices which leads to producing high quality and authentic organic fruits and vegetables.