Flying Fox

A heart-pumping, pulse-racing activity which has become a popular recreational facility. With a combined length of over 1km, our flying fox zip line will have you speeding down at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour, flying more than 100 metres above the tropical rainforest.

Canopy Walk

Take in a breath of fresh air from 15 metres above the ground as you walk across our Canopy Walk from the flying fox take-off tower. Once across to the other side, continue your journey along our jungle trek to the hi-rope obstacles.

Paintball Warfare

Set amidst natural jungle atmosphere, our jungle warfare offer various game plays like no other. Get your teams together and have a great time pumping out those pellets at speeds of more than 300 feet per second.

Rock Climbing

This is a sport which demands physical strength, endurance and stamina. Rock climbing is also challenging, exciting and one which gives the participant an adrenaline rush. Participants can either partake in speed climbing or just leisure climbing.

High Rope Obstacle Course

Suspended 5 meters above the ground, our combination of high rope obstacles offer great experience to all, from leisure to hardcore team building exercises. This activity is ideal for those who wish to conquer their fear of heights.